About Inspir

Introducing Inspir Sheffield

Inspir Sheffield is an ecumenical group that seeks to use the approaches of Ignatius of Loyola to help us to 'find God in all things'.

Inspir - a strange word or a strange spelling, comes from IgnatianSpirituality.

Ignatius' approach is found today to be fresh, relevant and valuable in people's journeying with God.

It enables discovering the God who loves us and seeks to bring us to greater life, so that we become more the person we were created to be.

Two key aspects of this approach are:-

Reviewing our experiences to recognise where God has been, and where God is seeking to enable us to learn and develop.
Engaging heart, mind and soul in prayer, often using Scripture passages, imagination and reflection.

As we seek to do this we find ourselves seeking to be a group that is welcoming, open and freeing so that each person can be themselves and find encouragement on their journey of faith.

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