Deeper Listening


Listening is profoundly important in our journey of life and faith. Listening to God, listening to ourselves, listening to others, all play a part in our discerning God’s call in our lives. This discerning listening is vital in enabling our choices in the big and small things of life.


This workshop is intended to explore, affirm and enable this listening that we may be more faithful to the call of Christ in our lives. This growth in listening to God in our lives may well move us beyond simply drawing us on in our journey, to being alongside others in their journey - encouraging their deeper listening.


Over three weekends, we will explore ways in which listening to God is enabled. This will include:

Times of prayer
Times of sharing and listening to others
Times of reflection
Drawing upon valuable insights in the Christian Tradition on discernment (particularly those of St Ignatius of Loyola whose spiritual approach can be summarised as finding God in all things’).

Who for?

This is particularly suitable for those who have experienced Weeks of Accompanied Prayer, Quiet Days, Ignatian evenings and Individually Guided Retreats where this approach of listening has been used.

It will be of great value to those who have a sense of being drawn to being alongside others as discerning listeners and also for those who would like to explore further their listening to God. There are spaces for 9 people.

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