Weeks of Acompanied Prayer

'Weeks to walk more closely with God'

These weeks are an opportunity for participants to give particular attention to their journey with God. Usually they are based at a church, but often open to any who are interested, church members or not, of any denomination or none.

The usual pattern is:

  An opening meeting of 90 minutes - usually on a Sunday evening.
  On each of the next five days - usually Monday to Friday - each participant spends one period of 30 minutes (or two of 15 minutes) with an agreed Biblical passage.
  At a mutually convenient time on each of those days, each participant meets with her or his Hearer to share as much as she or he wishes of their experience in the time with the Bible passage.
  A closing meeting - usually on a Saturday, to review the week and look to the future.

Some participants have responded to their experience of the week

    “I have never been more conscious of the presence of God. It was palpable. The Lord cleansed me and filled me.”

    “God really spoke to me during the Week of Prayer. Firstly I felt an overwhelming sense of his love for me as his child.”

    "Whew! What a week. For me it was a momentous experience."

We are pleased to receive invitations from churches or groups of churches to run a Week. For more information on what having a week in your church or group of churches will involve, see the next page..

Further details on hosting a week in in a church are described here.

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